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Fallen Soldiers

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Yeshayahu Holtz

Yeshayahu Holtz

Yeshayahu was born on the 7th of Nisan, 5711 (1951) in Givat Shaul B’, which was foramally the village of Dir Yassin. Village living made an impression on him, which was expressed in his love of green pastures and wide open spaces. He attended elementary school at the Shiloh school and afterwards at Horev. He continued his studies at the Horev Yeshiva High School. Although new at the school, he quickly acclimated and became one of the outstanding personalities there. He was very musical and performed solo with the Heichal Shlomo choir. At the completion of high school he joined the newly founded Yeshivat Hakotel. After much deliberation between joining the Garin Nachal of the Ezra youth group or his strong desire to continue his studies in Yeshiva, Yeshayahu decided to learn within the hesder framework. He was known as a “matmid”, an extremely serious student, which was expressed in his custom to write down and summarize everything which he learned. He was drafted into the army following a year of Yeshiva studies and in basic training was well known for his care and consideration for others. After basic training he entered an artillery unit and excelled as a tank gunner. A serious learner, he always made time in his busy schedule for helping out troubled youth in Jerusalem. He also prepared parsha sheets which were given out weekly to youth in in the city of Yehud. In the summer of 5733 (1973) he went out on a special mission on the Lebanese border, and his general was killed while pursuing the enemy. Although the two came from very different backgrounds, Yeshayahu shared a very special connection with his general’s family and his last letter to them was dated erev Yom Kippur 5734 (1973).

Yeshayahu fell in battle in the Golan on the 11th of Tishrei, 5734.

May his memory be blessed