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Fallen Soldiers

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Eliezer Lippa Sheffer

Eliezer Lippa Sheffer

Eliezer was born on the 25th of Adar 5728 in Tel Aviv. He was the eldest son to Moshe and Leah Shefer. He started elementary school at the religious Dizengoff school in his hometown. At age ten his family moved to Herziliyah where he continued his studies at the religious Bar Ilan School. He was soon known by both teachers and students as a gifted child. He joined the Bnei Akiva movement and stood by it's statutes of Torah V'Avodah and love of the land. Eli was committed to educating the future generation and believed that he had a part to play by sharing his knowledge. He served as a madrich for three years and made lasting connections with his chanichim. He absorbed much Torah at his Yeshiva High School "Nachal Yitzchak" in Nechalim. He was a very social person who enjoyed the unique dormitory experience and was involved in leadership positions in his class. He received a strong army background from his home, as his father was a paratrooper who fought to liberate Yerushalayim, and hoped to live up to their expectations during his army service. While still a high school student he joined a religious Nachal unit. He was the driving force at all unit Shabbatonim and he used his charisma and talking skills to convince others to join the unit. After much deliberation he chose to unite the sefer and sword by joining Yeshivat Hakotel through the hesder track. During his years at the Yeshiva, Eli matured and developed beyond recognition. He worked on his middot and was known by all to be dedicated to his studies and modest in his ways. One of his outstanding characteristics was his quest for being a complete person. Every thought, every step, every action he took was thought out and done with complete dedication and faith. He strove to give as much as possible to society and it was therefore clear that with his draft he would join the paratroopers unit. During his army service he continued to grow spiritually, keeping close touch with the Yeshiva. At the same time he met his girlfriend in Yerushalayim and they spent many hours together. However, most of their connection was through correspondence. Even though he had finished his work as a madrich, he continued to run activities for his former chanichim.

On his last Shabbat, Parshat BeShalach, he told them about a run in his unit had with terrorists, which took place a week and a half earlier. He emphasized the importance of guarding the northern border, and how the death of Yonatan Brans z"l during that incident was the price we had to pay. Four days later, on the 16th of Shevat, 5748 terrorists once again infiltrated the borders of Israel by Kibbutz Yiftach in the hills of Naftali. This time his life was the price we had to pay.

May his memory be blessed